Best practices



Remember to adjust your volume before publishing your jam or participation. The latter may overwrite the one of a previous jammer or prevent someone from playing with you because you are playing too loud.


Check and adjust your latency before publishing! Otherwise you will have to do it again. You can manually adjust it by 25ms steps in the window below your participation.


Once your jam is published, it is available and accessible to all users of the platform. This means that other musicians can come and play on it. You can't choose who will come to play with you and what they will play. We want to respect this, because imujam is a free platform where everyone must have the possibility to play what they want, regardless of their instrument or level. Thank you for your understanding.
If you want to delete your jam, you must take into consideration the fact that this will remove all the participations that have been made over yours.


Remember to wear headphones or earphones during recording
Place yourself in a room where there is not too much reverberation
Be careful if you want to record outdoors, the scenery is often nicer but the sound recording is more difficult!
Don't forget that you are being filmed, think about the light in the room.


Here are some tips for recording yourself singing:

If you decide to record with your computer's microphone:
Keep a safe distance from it. There is no point in singing on your computer, it will record more breath and breathing than singing.
Don't go too far either where we may not hear you.
Do a test before you register, directly on imujam and put an object on the ground when you think you are at the right distance to help you better position yourself when recording starts.
Sing clearly and loudly, of course, but it is important to remember that. If your voice is too weak it may be covered by other instruments
If you decide to record with an external microphone:
Choose a microphone that is suitable for singing, you will find lots of references on the internet. Beware of bad quality microphones that will damage your voice more than anything else.
When you connect it to your computer, you can, for most devices, configure the sound recording, do not hesitate to test all the possible options until you find the one that suits you best


No need for an external microphone for guitarists. A few tips to follow anyway to record yourself on the guitar:
On the acoustic guitar, remember to play close enough to your computer, otherwise you may not be heard.
On the electric guitar, try to place your computer in front of the amp and a few meters away, be careful with the volume control.
In any case, do several tests to make sure you are well placed and heard.

If you want to connect directly to the computer or via an external sound card:
It should be noted that for the moment imujam cannot recognize all sound cards and therefore the user experience on imujam may be distorted, for example by latencies. We are working on the subject but this requires a greater use of the platform to allow us to recognize each other's external and material sound cards. We therefore recommend that you use the built-in microphone on your computer to recognize the sound of your amp.


For the drums, here are some tracks to follow to make a successful recording:

You can record with your computer's microphone, but you may be disappointed if your computer is not brand new
Remember to check the recording settings of your computer, reduce the amp of the internal microphone if necessary
Avoid too small spaces, the sound would then be muffled and blurry, on the rendering
If you have the opportunity, use an external microphone. Place it in front of the battery, slightly up, so that you don't only hear the bass drum.
Make several positioning attempts depending on the genre you are playing.
Remember to play loudly during your tests to make sure that the sound won't be saturated. You can turn down your volume during the real recording without any worries
A quick reminder: The drums very often lead the tempo, so don't hesitate to play the metronome to ensure a regular rhythm and make it easier for those who will join you.


No need for an external microphone for wind instruments! The one on your computer is more than enough. However, it is good to follow the tips below:

Do not play too close to your computer, you may quickly saturate the sound.
Feel free to do several placement tests before you start. Remember to play loudly and then slowly, try to do some scales, going through the bass and treble and listen to what it gives. All your sounds must be heard at the output.
Try to think "in a group" even if all the instruments are not yet present on the jam, some will probably come later. Don't play too loud or they'll have trouble playing after you.


If you encounter any difficulties during your registration or if you have any questions before recording, please do not hesitate to send us a message at