Frequently Asked Questions

What is imujam?

imujam is a website that allow you to create and share music for everyone and everywhere.
Through creating musical videos, you can play with several musicians wherever they are in the world. The videos superimpose themselves to create a new one which gather all the musicians.

Operating method

To create a Jam, you’ll need to be registered on the website. Then you’ll record yourself while playing with the webcam and the mic on your computer. You’ll be able to create a video, then other jammers might play on it. Or you can start recording on an existing jam.

Registration and login

Compulsory registration?

Yes, you must be registered to use our services, like create or participate to a jam. However, you can watch the whole videos without being registered.

I can’t register on the website

First check if your email address, your alias and your password are true. Also, check if you tick the checkbox “I agree to the “General terms of use”.
If you still can’t register, please send us an email at with everything you tried before.

I can’t login

Please check again if your password and your login (it’s the address mail you used when you registered) are corrects. If you forgot your password, please click here : reset your password
If it’s still not working with the reset password link, please send us a mail at along with your address mail.

Personals data


You can at every time modify your own data with clicking on your name on the right top corner, then on the tab “my account”. On your profile, click on the right on “update my profile”. There you can change whatever you want about your personals data.


To delete your account please send an email at with “DELETE” in the object.

Is my data protected?

The data collected by imujam is used in the registration process and allow you to use our services. Your data is stored confidentially by imujam. They won’t be transferred to a third-parties unless we have your consent, or we informed you.

Technical features

How do we deal with latency ?

First, your latency is automatically analyzed by imujam. This is indicated at the bottom right of your screen when you participate in a jam. It is located in a small module called "latency" under the recording window where your webcam appears. If despite the automatic adjustment you find that there is still latency during the final rendering, you have the possibility to manually adjust it by 25ms steps.
Caution! You must set your latency before publishing your jam or it will be too late and you will have to start again.

The sound level of the other jammers

For the moment, you can only adjust the sound level of the other jammers during your recording. If you want to get in line with the drums and focus less on other instruments for example, you can turn up the volume of the rhythmic and turn down the volume of the others. However, this will not appear in the final rendering. Adjusting the sound levels is an aid to recording but does not allow you to decrease a specific volume on the final jam.
We are currently working on a better audio equalizer system that will allow a better mixing of the instruments. You must also be careful when participating in your own sound volume. Respect everyone's participation so that everyone can be heard;)

External equipment

imujam is designed to work with the webcam and the built-in microphone of your computer. You may want to record with a different sound card or interface. imujam is not responsible for the non-functioning of the platform in these cases and can in no way ensure the quality of your rendering. We make sure to adapt our platform to your wishes and needs as best we can, but this is not always technically possible. Feel free to contact us if you find yourself in this situation. Don't forget to specify the equipment used.


What’s a jam?

Also called “jam session”, it’s an improvisation session with several musicians on which one other musicians might join.

imujam on mobile phone

imujam is available on mobile phones only for viewing content. You cannot register with your phone yet. We plan to develop an application for this purpose ;)

Reporting and issues

How to report a technical problem?

If you notice a bug during your experience in using imujam website, please send us an email at Don’t hesitate to detail your problem in the most specific way and add screen shots if you can.

How to report an inappropriate content?

Below each video you can click on the “report” button if you find that the content of this video is inappropriate (please refer to the General terms of use). Fulfil the form and explain what you find offending in the video.

How to make a suggestion?

You want to share some ideas with us to improve our services on the website? Send us an email to and write “SUGGESTION” in the order of your mail to explain your idea.

You can’t find your answer in that list?

No worries send us an email to with your question and we’ll answer as fast as we can and try to solve your problem.